Over the years August has been Sponsor Recognition Month. During this month we recognize our Valued Sponsors for their support. But it does not end there, the products and service combined with a wealth of knowledge that cannot be found any one place on a daily basis.  Tow411 and the members are honored by their participation.

 We will be recognizing our Sponsors throughout the month.

Next Up - Integrated Vehicle and Leasing Inc. - integratedleasing.com

Founded in 1999 by Mitchell Ball and Michael Plingos when they saw an opportunity to create a commercial leasing business with a mission:
"Provide our customers with the best leasing experience possible, start to finish."

Many years later through the ups and downs of the economy we have worked with hundreds of businesses to become our customers trusted advisors. We help by providing opportunities for growth when things are good and business support during more challenging times.

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Feel free to chime in at anytime with a sponsor endorsement as well as a list of sponsors you have dealt with over the past year.

12 Endorsements could earn your favorite Sponsor an ENV Status "Endorsed Network Vendor" is a title that others may strive to achieve.

Note: I will be drawing at least one sponsor name each day to recognize. Just because a sponsor has not made the list yet, does not mean you cannot endorse your favorites. You never know your reply could win you a Tow411 T-Shirt or a Texas Roadhouse Gift Card (each has a $25 value, cash cannot be substituted for prizes).