Originally I offered a sponsorship to any California Company selling a product or service who would step up and join our sponsorship program for 6 months they can pay that through the gofundme account. https://www.gofundme.com/FredGriffithWalloftheFallen

Details of this deal are in the original topic. http://tow411.yuku.com/topic/143071/Re-Update-Fred-Griffiths-Sons-to-Wall-of-the-Fallen

Only two days remain and since a California Company has not stepped up to support this just cause to both donate too and receive a Tow411 Sponsorship. I will open the offer up nationwide. I have also sent out around 2 dozen requests to potential sponsors. Four have replied of which Two sent it up the chain, One was nice and could not work it into this years budget and One was Rude. If you are a Business that Supplies the Towing Industry and you can support this cause, know that this is not something I regularly ask. So, contact me as it offer ends at Midnight 8/11/17. I will not plead the case past Friday.

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As I added to the original topic, I will even go as far as to say donate as little as $11 and still get a Patron I Status Bar.  But that is Only a One Day Offer August 11, 2017. I know there are many who could add just $11 to the fund, I'll do that right now even though I feel bad that is all I can do. I feel if I can show that even $11 gets us closer to goal, maybe 100 members & lurkers that see this can add $11 to the fund and while that only bring it halfway to goal. It would get there with one new Tow411 Sponsor that is watching this topic.

Or Donate $50 for a Patron II & $75 for a Patron III

Both Offers End at Midnight August 11, 2017