smiley: eeke87365e361f66642479ad85b8a38eae332b52db3d613689e604468184dc6d0aa89eceb6cf596ec15a4436919658865c64126dc548747e63db96afc5fb6336bac63bf626f47d9dc248f4ae91f8a0de16a7ba267069f6a9486de582ee76d8a09c203e50076e5326d96f86db44edba805e6b14829d78bdfba4160d261067e600478d07892e99a17e008ac1d07631984 Peterbilt 359 short hood; 400 Caterpillar;15 speed OD; 3.90 Eaton rears; 60" sleeper; Pete Air Leaf rear suspension; aluminum outside wheels; stainless air cleaners; 1991 Holmes 1701 factory built wrecker bed (only one more made after this one); Kemp spades added; Holmes side pull legs; new LED strobe light bar added last year. Not all equipment pictured goes with the truck. Call or message for detailed list. We've had this truck for many years. It is strong and dependable. We are selling due to lack of use in the last few months. Feel free to call us at 731-587-2386 or message us here and we'll be glad to help you. $62,000 OBO.