As I am sure all members are aware, the current Board of the TTTA has scheduled a meeting next month regarding amendments to the by-laws.

This is very important and very necessary. We have some items that absolutely need to be addressed.

Unfortunately, we have a couple of problems here. First of all, I am unaware of any polling of the members or any discussion among members regarding this. I also know that several amendments were proposed that are NOT on the agenda.

Of particular concern is the amendment to article VIII. Without going into protracted detail, the President proposes to change one word in this section that would effectively make him the president WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE MEMBERSHIP until September 2018.

As the by-laws are currently written, he would face election in September of 2017. Please note that I said "election" and not "re-election". The current President was NEVER voted on by the membership. He was appointed by the board after the resignation of the elected President.

A counter proposal was mailed to all members of record which would offer that the board could only fill interim vacancies for 60 days during which time an election would be scheduled to fill any interim vacancy.

This last counter proposal aims to solidify the position of President and would not keep the current President from running for the position.

The TTTA is a MEMBER driven organization and the will of the MEMBERS must come first.

This counter proposal makes good common sense. It works for the best interests of the members of the TTTA.

Regarding the other proposed amendments, I will likely vote NO. My reasoning is simple. While some of these changes are needed, I feel a more comprehensive package should be put together with member involvement and approval. There are items that still need to be brought up to 2017 standards and the board approved amendments fall short here.

You should also know that the current by-laws allow for proxy voting however the board will not allow it. This being the case, you need to be at the meeting if there is anyway possible. The future of YOUR association depends on it.

I would like to say that I sincerely appreciate the hard work put into this by the board however it is lacking a great deal here.