The "Tow411 Network" that is BUY from one of our Valued Sponsors within the Tow411 Network.

I receive several calls a year from members who purchased equipment and supplies out of Network (Outside the Towing Information Sponsors). Only to find that often those suppliers didn't care about them or the industry. If they did care about the industry then they would be active on the highest traffic towing related website in the industry as well as support the industry. Associations, Towing Museum, etc.

Now not all Suppliers are uncaring or careless but I do have a list that I need not post of dealers both low and high volume to avoid. Deal with Members and Sponsors these industry professionals are active on Tow411. As well as they have countless years of experience, if they steer you wrong they know it will be on Tow411. The others only care when it happens and believe me I hear about it. Thankfully the past year I will say has been quiet, but equipment purchases are increasing, get it in writing when purchasing equipment. Salespersons outside our network at times have verbally told a buyer something and never put it in writing.

Have you deal with a supplier within the past year that deserves a kudos or a black mark? Were they a part of the Tow411 Network or an Outsider?