We received a call for a 2 car accident right down the street from us. Upon arrival I discovered we didn't have a 2 car accident, we had a 2 truck accident. As I explained to the officer on scene, big difference as I was on scene with a flatbed and my Renegade. The F450 dump truck towing a Kubota skid steer was cruising down the road when the step van pulled out in front of him. The step van was hit right in the rear axle, knocking it back and partially tearing it from the frame. The step van was pushed across the roadway and into a tree, and the dump came to a stop across all lanes of traffic, still in the rear axle area of the other truck. 

I grabbed the 450 to get it out of our way and pulled it into the westbound lane of travel. Once we cleaned the debris in the eastbound lanes, I advised the officers they could open the road to eastbound traffic, but they choose to keep it closed to allow us room to maneuver. By this time, my reinforcements had arrived in the form of a heavy and a medium duty, as well as my dually pick up for the trailer. I dropped the 450 and swung around, and while my dad and wife were splitting the 450 and trailer to tow them away I started winching the step van back onto the roadway so our heavy could back up to it. Working in pairs, by time both trucks were ready to go we had the debris and fluids cleaned up and were ready to open the road. From dispatch to completion we were right at a half hour, which made the officers very happy as it was about 25 degrees with a 25 mph wind, which made standing out there miserable.