Hi Everyone,

Hopfully this is not prohibited or in the wrong section.

I created a way to advertise cheaper and at the same time make a network for towers to set the shortest ETA's.


With current technology being available your smart phone is a great tool. I have utilized it's capabilities to show motorist where the truck is.
It's like a network dispatch.

In short, people needing tows go to my site and my site opens up a map.
On that map you can see all available trucks in this network and chooses the one closest to him.

Tower would need to install free gps app allowing tracking of the truck.
Tracking has on and off switch, if you don't want to be available you simple stop tracking.

We do not set rates.

You will get calls from insurance companies, auctions,  motorists needing roadside assistance. Who knows.

We will advertise the site wherever and with whomever possible including google, yahoo, twitter to generate the most cash calls.
Free to try out for 30 days - no credit card for the trial. It doesn't cost you anything to try and there is nothing in fine print. 

When you like it and it works in your area you can let us know and than we can set up a subscription.

To sign up or if you have any questions or coments please send me a email or adress it here.

[email protected]

Thank you