Many have participated in Parades, Visited the cemeteries and placed flags on the graves. On Monday call a friend or family member who is a recent veteran. Let's not forget the living or honor them just on Veterans Day. Memorial Day has to be hard on them and I am sure most will value hearing from a family member or friend. As they may be suffering from a darkness by which the majority of us cannot relate.

On Memorial Day remember those who gave all and those who gave some. Make the call to a vet who is dealing with post traumatic stress, the majority of us no at least one vet. We often do not even realize the pain they are dealing with until it consumes them ... Just my thoughts as I sit here working on the board on a long Holiday Weekend.

What are you doing and if your answer is work, then your not one of the millions of Americans traveling this weekend. Are you one of them and if your not are you hitting the road rescuing those that did not make it this weekend? 

Myself, I am stuck here working! Choosing towing as a career limits time to do such things as going to the lake or the beach. Most folks that live around me are 9-5 M-F it can get quiet around here when the neighbor empties out. 
What I'm I saying this neighborhood never empties out, one way in one way out and it seems busier then where we moved from a couple of years ago.

Whatever you are doing I hope that you stay safe and take a moment to remember why we live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

Happy Memorial Day!

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