A Valley fiancee is completely heartbroken and in shock after her soon-to-be husband was shot and killed Sunday evening in Buckeye.

“I woke up thinking, 'No, I'm dreaming. I’m dreaming. There's no way,'” said Suzanne LaMonte after her husband didn’t return home from work.

Michael Psalidas was towing a car in Buckeye when he was allegedly gunned down by 25-year-old Andrew Rael, according to Buckeye police.

LaMonte is now asking a lot of questions, especially of the alleged suspect. Such questions, she may never be able to get answers to.

“Why did they take him?” said LaMonte. “He was just doing his job.”

Suzanne’s twin sister, Christa LaMonte, has been by her side ever since.

“I’ve got to be here to support her. She needs all the love right now she can get.”

Christa was looking forward to being a bridesmaid in their wedding, which was just two months away.

“He was a great guy,” said Christa “Out there to do his job, come home, be with his family. And now he can't. Now he's resting in heaven.

The suspect was recently released from a Colorado prison. Police said the suspect and victim got into an argument about the cost of the tow before the shooting.

Police learned of the suspect’s identity Monday morning when he was involved in a pursuit along a Phoenix freeway and got involved in a deadly shootout with police.

Rael was shot and killed by Arizona Department of Public Safety officers and a security guard Monday morning. Glendale police believe the suspect may also be connected to the shooting of a gas station clerk as well.