phone call said 21 tonne container unit on its side at roundabout, since it was over horizontal , nearby crane yard gave us two frannas to assist, we rigged it basicly around 20 tonne, but between us could only lift it 300 mm off the ground, the century lift rams managed to allow us to gain the advantage and up it came , we only rigged a 1 wire as we considered the combined use of 3 units would be enough, WRONG, after we had quietly sat it down on its wheels again, the container full of bagged clover seed was off loaded using a sideloader and the police took it away for weighing.
It was 27 tonnes , someone is going to get their rs kicked over this, it is a new motorway and this is the first rollover, damaged the concrete and a diesel spill, not a good look and he was travelling at 37 kphfad26bb6f70c92f3927153ffb32b8ec74396da43c2136a6d6a810f8c2cc8941f1ba3fcd7dc7a3b82f8c363316ebe08282f3e9a381208f0a220d4ef30abf26c66cb0fe2ab90813cfc978d5b3fd96799b8344363e36d3d00882a8f9e7010e1f6e795cc5765