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Re: 750 on old gas I-H CHEAP !! (reply)
Pics would help....I've seen some 750s bring a fair price. Like a guy told me when I built mine, "Old 750s don't die, they just get remounted". He was right.
Vintage Equipment Listings


03/13/2014 1:24 PM
Re: Snow Ice or Both!! (reply)
I have found that with the majority of police tows, whether it be an accident, impound, whatever, if the owner of the vehicle doesn't have the proper insurance to cover the vehicle (in the event of an accident) nearly any amount you...
North Carolina


02/19/2014 2:02 PM
Spring Hanger Forks (topic)
I have seen these on trucks before and it looks like no one ever uses them.  I think they may be worth the investment but they seem a little pricey to never get used.  Opinions?  Vendors?
General Equipment


01/07/2014 8:50 PM
Re: Still a role for mechanical heavy wreckers ? (reply)
I literally drug a 750 and some frame material out of the woods; bought an old Freightliner log wagon and built me a truck. I was in your shoes two years ago; it took a year to build the truck including purchasing and installing the new...
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01/07/2014 8:49 PM