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Re: 4-car carrier; driveway damage (reply)
That's one of the reasons that I try to persuade customers from having wrecked vehicles towed back to their residence, leaking fluids causing hazardous conditions that you could be liable for and the salvage trucks not being able to...
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04/20/2014 1:37 AM
Re: 2015 KW T270 * Yellow * HARD Loaded! Navigation * 22' Jerrdan XLP * $99,000 (reply)
Again very well spec'd extremely sharp truck from Rick's!
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04/18/2014 1:57 AM
Re: 2014 Ford F-550 with Newly Designed Dynamic 10 Series Carrier for only $52,980.00 (reply)
I like the looks of the bed, only one thing I don't like is those lights on the headache rack, and Rick the earlier models of Dual Tech had sloping rail ends.
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03/02/2014 9:50 PM